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'Wine' Roland Mucciarelli
2 min readJul 2, 2022

Hi, readers

In 2017 CBInsight published a map of wine tech companies; this map wasn’t updated, and in 5 years (mainly in the last 2s) many things are changed.

The map was this one

This map wasn’t updated anymore, but was very useful for me to learn what was happening in the Wine Tech market.

So, now I’ve been building a list of wine tech companies, classifying them in some categories:

e-commerce, wine club, wine/food delivery → Selling


data analytics, pour devices, company’s services. → Services


I’ve grouped some categories, of course, this is only a draft, a 0.9 version. I prefer call it 1.0 version, although. Well, as you can see there are some companies in both the maps, and some in the first one are missing in the second one, and viceversa.

Now my goal is to organize in a pratical way this new map and make it useful to individuate the position of every wine tech company.

At first look it’s evident that the Selling category is full, and the Wine Tourism one is really poor: I found only two companies, from Italy, about this category. May be I’ve to search better.

In this post-series I’m going to keep you up-to-date of the progress.

Of course if you have some idea or you want to give me news about other wine tech company, let you free to email me.

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