Are little wineries’ digital devices safe?

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash
  • hasn’t a digital knowledge, and everyone can sell them everything
  • has many digital devices and platforms but it doesn’t know how to use them
  • doesn’t know what Cyber Security means
  • Security policies: Check with your IT vendor how often and how they update recommended security patches
  • Update devices: too often cyber attacks exploit systems with outdated software, a camera, a smartphone or your personal computer
  • Change the password: when you buy any device, be it a router or a laptop, usually the access password is the manufacturer’s default one. Change it now, the lists of these passwords go around the net more than Belen’s photos. And avoid putting 12345678 …
  • Router security: use the WPA2 or WPA3 settings to access the internal functions of the router, and constantly check for updates. If you don’t know what I’m saying, ask your provider
  • Buy certified devices: certification means that that device has also been verified in the software, and sometimes spending little means having little controlled equipment. So always check who the manufacturer is and its policies for certification, hardware and software



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