The Ireland’s alcoholic labels

'Wine' Roland Mucciarelli
4 min readJan 24, 2023

Ireland has a great problem with alcoholic diseases, mainly between its younger people.

Since 2018 there’s the Minimum Price for spirits, beer and wine, hoping to dissuade many people to buy and drink them. But it isn’t enough, so Irish government in June 2022 said to European Commission its will to add a label to bottles and cans to advise drinkers that alcoholic drinks are harmful for health. If Commission hadn’t said ‘No’ explicitly, Ireland would have gone in that way. From June to December all member States had the chance to send their opinion, pro or con, toward Ireland decision and EU Commission, keeping in mind these opinions, would make its decision.

And decision is to don’t say ‘No’, so Ireland from now can add a label to advice that alcohol is dangerous for health and for pregnant women. In its request, Ireland says that:

Under section 12 of the Act labels on alcohol products must contain:

i. A warning to inform people of the danger of alcohol consumption.

ii. A warning to inform people of the danger of alcohol consumption when pregnant.

iii. A warning to inform people of the direct link between alcohol and fatal cancers.

iv. The quantity of grams of alcohol contained in the product.

v. The number of calories contained in the alcohol product.

vi. A link to a health website which gives information on alcohol and related harms.

You can read the Ireland’s request here, and in the tab ‘Contributions’ you can read the abstract of pros/cons opinions and download the documents. Just in one of these documents (CEVI on 06–09–2022, one of the opponent of Ireland decision) you can find the proposal label. That is (not the definitive one, I think):

and this is the link to informative website. Here (external Google Drive link) you can read and download three cons documents from ABF (Association Brasseurs de France), CEVI (European Confederation of Independent Winegrowers) and CEEV (Comité Européen des Entreprise du Vin). In the CEEV’s board there’re…



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