Wine on Twitter is boring

'Wine' Roland Mucciarelli
3 min readNov 11, 2022
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Twitter is owned by Elon Musk, and in a few days he canceled the board of directors, fired a quarter of the employees, created chaos with the blue check for at least $ 8 a month. So it occurred to me to do an episode on wine-themed tweets to understand how it’s going. But first of all Twitter will change or not? Are they the usual Elon trolls? Can anyone impersonate off as someone else by simply paying $ 8?

The new owner is quite well known for his weird tweets, a bit like a troll to be honest, and it’s never quite clear how much he’s playing or how serious he is. Well, a few days ago he tweeted that he said he was thinking of charging $ 20 a month to have the blue badge next to his name, but many didn’t like it. Among the many to complain was Stephen King, who has almost 7 million followers.

Now, apart from the fact that the story is really surreal, but being Elon Musk we shouldn’t even be surprised, my consideration is that yes, maybe Musk has projects for Twitter, which in reality has never been profitable, but it would have been nice to see first some news, and then ask to pay. But I understand that I don’t think like Musk, I don’t think like an American tech economy multi-billionaire, of this I am aware. On the other hand, he did the same with Tesla, the first model was financed by people who had booked by paying 100 thousand dollars without seeing even a rearview mirror for a year and a half. So, since he’s the billionaire and not me, maybe he’s right.
Consider that there are about 450 thousand blue chek accounts on Twitter. With $ 8 a month, that’s $ 3 million and $ 600,000 a month, which may be enough to start new developments. But in the meantime it has fired 3,500 people, the whole team that deals with moderation and human rights, and this is creating some problems for advertisers who do not want to be inside hate flame, in short, the crude criticisms launched with threats and not very urban language, let’s say so. Furthermore, now there is also the problem of verified accounts, since some jokers have already started paying their $ 8 and sending tweets, like the Pepsi account…

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